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“My son was excused of a crime that he didn’t do. I did not have any money to hire a lawyer. I was so blessed to receive Rick Cofer as my court appointed lawyer. He literally fought day and night getting evidence and staying on top of the district attorney office to prove my son was innocent. During the very difficult year of waiting on court dates and evidence to be processed I gotta admit I gave him a hard time about everything. I am a mother and worrying is what I do when it comes to my loved ones. Rick and his team put my mind at ease and came through. If y’all ever need a attorney please consider RICK COFER and his team. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING.”

-Former Client

“Any legal issue can feel overwhelming, but Rick made every step clear and straightforward. From day one we had someone on our side. The attention to detail and genuine compassion with which he handled our case made all the difference in the world. He navigated a complex situation with ease, and went the extra mile without hesitation. Through every conversation Rick, Alex, and his team were extremely knowledgeable and reassuring. To say they are amazing would be an understatement. If you want a team who has your back, who will fight hard for you, who truly cares about you this is the one!”

-Former Client

“Rick is an extraordinarily capable criminal defense attorney who has a long track record of great results for his clients. He is very connected in Austin and knows how to move a case from start to finish quickly. He’s top notch. Hire him if you need a criminal defense lawyer.”

-Adam Loewy, The Loewey Law Firm

“If you want a great lawyer, I highly recommend Rick Cofer. He is respectful, hard working and most importantly actually cares about his clients. I was extremely lucky and very grateful for having Mr. Cofer represent me in a court of law. If you inquire his services you will not be disappointed.”


“The best lawyer you’ll ever come across! Rick helped me in every step of the way with my charge. He was very patient with me and my thousand questions regarding my case. Thank you Rick.”


“We had an issue that needed to be handled in juvenile court. Rick understood the process and resolved it quickly. I would definitely recommend him.”


“I contacted Rick in searching for an attorney who could assist with a felony case I was arrested for in Austin. After the initial consultation, I knew I was in good hands as he assured me the best possible outcome of a dismissal in my case. I in turn hired Mr. Cofer to represent me in court. As I was leaving his office, he assured me several times to stay positive and believe he could do what his best intentions were, which was exactly what he did. He represented me in 4 court hearings and achieved what he said he would, a DISMISSAL! I would highly recommend Rick Cofer to any family or friends with the need to be represented legally.”


“Rick was an excellent advocate for my case. He handled it expeditiously and maintained excellent communication throughout the process. I know now where to go for any future legal issues.”


“Mr. Cofer is an excellent attorney and advocate on environmental issues for our community. As a prosecutor, I’ve found him to be ethical and tough, while also showing compassion for sympathetic situations. He has my respect as well as admiration in how he handles his business.”

-Chris Philley, Austin Family Law

“Rick is the most professional attorney I have encountered in the Travis County. He has a wealth of knowledge and customer service I don’t see how anyone could be disappointed. He has been a huge help to me and my family.”


“Rick led my family through a very frightening situation with compassion, professionalism and clear, straight forward guidance. His high level of experience and understanding of the law brought our situation to the best possible outcome, dismissal! I have and will continue to recommend Rick. Thank you so much for your dedication to your profession and your clients.”


“Rick Cofer has been a great attorney helping me to resolve my case due to the fact of my job that I really need help with my legal case and Rick help and was a wonderful attorney. if anyone needs help they should contact Rick Cofer.”


“Rick is an outstanding advocate. Rick is a former prosecutor and knows how to navigate a case through negotiation and trial if necessary. His background and attention to his clients distinguish him from other lawyers.”

-Jake Gilbreath, Walters Gilbreath, PLLC

“I thought I was in desperate trouble until Rick came along. He’s very good at what he does and is well mannered, making you feel confident. He also is good at getting back to when responding and gets back to you in good time.”


“Rick was very patient and informative. Took the time to call me or explain in person details. True professional in the courtroom he did an amazing job on my case.”


“I met Mr. Cofer as a referral from my corporate attorney. I was charged with a pair of criminal misdemeanors by relatives with addiction and boundary issues. Mr. Cofer graciously accepted my case, worked out payment arrangements I could comfortably manage, and gave excellent coaching through the criminal justice processes. Mr. Cofer’s expertise and efforts resulted in both charges being dismissed. My appreciation and referral are offered in thanks!”


“Rick came to my rescue when I encountered a very traumatic experience due to a construction situation at my apartment complex. He was a listening ear after the incident occurred, counseled me on how I should involve the authorities, evaluated my case and explained my options, and helped me reach a resolution with the complex. He was empathetic, succinct with negotiations and overall a consummate professional. Highly recommended!”


“I was getting the run around on a minor issue with a local court and asked Rick if he knew what the best way to handle it would be. He immediately offered to help and took care of it quickly, which wasn’t what I was expecting him to do, but greatly appreciate that he did. I contacted Rick first because he knows just about everyone in the local legal community, and more importantly, those people like and trust him, which goes a long way. Rick is smart, thorough, and honest, and you could do a lot worse if you’re in need of legal counsel.”


“I had a first time offense ticket, naturally I was a mess never having dealt with anything like this before. Rick was incredibly helpful and reassuring throughout the entire process and got it dismissed from my record in no time with just a little work at the pet shelter. I’m incredibly thankful!”


“Mr. Cofer did a great job taking care of my case. I was able to leave it all to him and continue working on school which took stress off of me. He was able to get my case dismissed and I highly recommend him to others.”

-Ms. Smith

“I hired Richard to work on a case for me he answered all of my questions. Richard has strong work ethic and is a great attorney. Would highly recommend.”


“Rick Cofer provided expert representation in my case, while efficiently handling court procedures in a short time frame. His staff communicated important dates and appearances. Overall, I was very pleased with my representation, the attention provided by Mr. Cofer and his staff, as well as timely manner in which they handled my issue.”


“I consulted w/Mr. Cofer on a severe personal injury case which occurred out of state. The thorough advise he gave is so much more than I have received from other attorneys. He has given me the ability to move forward with hiring an out of state attorney, which unfortunately is required by law. I would be extremely confident in Mr. Cofer handling my case. He is thinks outside the box, something I’ve not found with other attorneys. He’s wise, easy to talk to and listens well.”


“Rick Cofer’s service as an assistant county attorney and assistant district attorney has given him knowledge of the inner workings of the courthouse and the law as it applies to the criminal justice system. I have consulted with Rick frequently on criminal justice matters and his advice has been spot on. I strongly recommend him.”


“I had a serious issue in front of me. I didn’t know if I would be charged or not. Rick helped me through every step of the way. My life could’ve been ruined, but Rick helped me out of a serious jam. He explained everything to me and I felt like he really had my back.”


“I hired rick to take care of a traffic violation I had. It would have taken me lots of time and money to resolve it, and he dealt with it quickly and effectively – and he was great to work with. It was a painless experience.”


“Rick has a very kind and compassionate soul, and it shows in his practice. He left no stone unturned.”



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